We’re building for the next 10 generations and beyond.

What We Do

Residential Renovation

Bathrooms, Kitchens, Flooring Replacement and more.

Building Repairs

Things happen, we’re here to fix them, no project too small.

DIY Friendly

Need a hand or a specialty tool? We’re happy to help.

About 10GEN Construction

The roots of 10GEN Construction go back generations, too many to count actually. I come from a long line of fine craftsmen in all types of trades; let’s start with me, Josh Lowe, my dad and my grandpas. We’re creators at heart, we love the satisfaction that comes with working with our own two hands. Growing up, every project was tackled by, you guessed it, my dad, grandpas and I.

From a young age, my dad and grandpas were diligent to teach me how to care for a home. Laundry room tile replacement, fixing rotten deck posts, finishing our basement, all vivid memories from my childhood. These projects, and many others, served to instill in me the importance of family and the value of a job well done.

Fast forward nearly 20 years, I’m married, starting a family, and of course – a homeowner. To be frank, our first house was a basket case, but we saw it as an opportunity. An opportunity to make something beautiful out of nothing, an opportunity to come together as a family to build an asset that will last for future generations.

This little house would be the start of a passion to help every family make the most of their home, the place you brought your babies home from the hospital, celebrated so many special occasions with those you love and where you’ve shared countless meals with friends and family.

This passion is what I now call 10GEN Construction.


Core Values:


Quality Craftsmanship

Dedication, care and attention to detail are essential qualities to identify before hiring someone to work on your biggest investment – your home.


Durable Materials

Next to craftsmanship, material selection is also critical. It determines the longevity of the project.


On Time & In Budget

Of course craftsmanship and material selection only matter if it’s done in a timely and affordable way.